Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Simplicity 2444 - Take 2!

Hi Guys!!

Although I've been sewing 2 years now, I still somehow consider myself to be a Beginner/intermediate sewer.  I still have a lot to learn about sewing, but I feel that I'm good enough for the things that I like to wear.

I first attempted Simplicity 2444  August of 2014 in a pink Taffeta. I loved the pattern at first site.  I lucked up on the fabric so I decided to GO FOR IT during our Church's Convocation (Convention).  Mind you, I'm very involved in the events of the Convocation. So much so that sleep gets narrowed down to quick naps here and there. However, I convinced myself that I was going to make time to get this dress done.  So I packed my bags and my sewing machine and was on my way.  I noticed after arriving to the hotel that I failed to bring an extra dress just in case I didn't get this one finished.  I wasn't as developed as I am today a year ago. I struggled with zippers and this one has a long zipper (greater than 9 inches) and a belt sash.  I pre-cut the pattern the night before.   Boy did I cut corners!! Markings and notches? What's that? All I knew was - it's Saturday and I need the dress TOMORROW!

So after services and clean up were over, I went straight to my room, threw on my pj's and went to work.  It was almost midnight when I started.  I tried to read through the pattern, but being sleep deprived and anxious made me confused and frustrated.  So I had to connect the dots by looking at the picture until I got stumped.  4 Hours later...... the finished product..

I received quite a few compliments. I really loved it on a hanger, but when I put it on, I was so self conscious about my knees showing. My younger years as an athlete made them unattractive for camera. Lol... I was proud that I completed the project before sun up (4:15 am to be exact).  Figured I would sleep later. That day was my son's 17th Birthday so celebrating was an all day event this year.

6 months later, I opted to attempt creating the dress in slow motion in my favorite color.  I read the pattern and paid more attention to the details.  It wasn't has difficult as first thought. I'm extremely proud of my second attempt.  It has become my favorite.  I think I'll use this pattern a few more times - modifying it as I go along.  

Here's Take 2...

What do you think?  If you have tried this pattern, leave me a comment down below and let me know how easy or difficult it was for you. 

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