Chocolate delight - McCall 7020

I brought this fabric over a year ago.  (Yes, I'm a fabric hoarder too!) However I knew that I would put it to good use once I found the perfect pattern.

That day came when I sat and watched Mimi G TV (as I call it).  She posted to YouTube the DIY Hooded Tunic Sew Along .  Using McCall's pattern 7020, she modified the pattern to make this stylish outfit. 

Let me first say this, I didn't use the recommended fabric choice (NOT RECOMMENDED)  but I really wanted this outfit in this color. My fabric choice was a polyester blend with no stretch. WOW!!  To think I actually knew that! If you would have asked me a year ago, I wouldn't have been able to tell you what fabric I used. I'm growing....

The directions that she provided were very easy to follow. I categorize myself as an intermediate sewer, but I tend to stay away from zippers and pockets.  Yet I was determined to insert pockets as instructed.  I did have slight difficulty with the pockets, but I do see where I went wrong and will have corrected for the NEXT one in a stretchy fabric.  The fact the fabric had no stretch was a tiny challenge as well.  Practice makes perfect!!

I love everything about his outfit.  I had my hands in my pockets most of the day and pulled on the hood quite a bit. I'm not one for showing much leg, so the next one will have some length to it for sure.

Overall, I think I did a pretty good job with this outfit. I received a ton of compliments when I wore it to church and the sewing groups on FB went wild!!  I felt like a big girl in the sewing world! Encouraging me the more.

Happy Sewing!!!

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