Saturday, January 9, 2016

Regal Maxi Skirt Review - Mimi G

You will find through my blogs that I lllloooovvveee  Mimi's DIY tutorials!!  Up until recently, I dibble and dabbled with sewing over the years, but it wasn't until I became a YouTube addict and started following Mimi and DIY Meesha, that I took sewing seriously.  When I say I watched Mimi G's channel like it was Daytime TV, I'm being serious!

I've admired the Regal Maxi Skirt from afar for quite some time.  A year ago, I even tried my hand at creating a skirt for me.  Sad to say, it didn't go that well.  I wasn't use to the fabric or even the skill of gatherings, inserting pockets etc...  So I put this video on paused, did a little practicing and BAM!!!  I finally succeed at completing my skirt!!

Ok almost finished.  I started the skirt the day before New Years Eve and I needed it for NYE service.  I was sewing right up until it was time to leave for church.  I didn't have time to finish the sash and add the belt loops.  However it was completed enough for me to wear.  It was a proud moment.  Then when I arrived to church and everyone complimented me, all I could do was smile!!

The Regal Maxi DIY Tutorial can be purchased on Mimi's website ( ) .  The great thing about having it this way is that you can put it on repeat as many times as you like after you purchase the tutorial.  I replayed it so much that Mimi probably wanted to pop out the screen and say - JUST DO IT!!!

I created the skirt to wear with my 3 inch heels (which I wore for about 20 minutes).  The top I borrowed from my son, my jewelry came from New York and Company and the hairstyle was another YouTube creation.  Hello, my name is Shawn and I am a YouTuber!!!


Depending on your fabric choice, this skirt can attend all types of events.  I chose a 100% cotton fabric (from Joann fabrics) for a casual dressy look for service. Mimi created hers in a Shantung fabric that can be more on the elegant side.  In her video, she gave use a dressy casual sleek look - a.k.a. Multi-purposed.

I will definitely make a few more of these skirts now that I've gotten over the hump.  The trickiest part was the gathering.  I always thought my hands were the weakest link, but they kept popping the thread. I would follow the directions more to a tee for the waistband.  I made it slightly bigger thinking I would need it for the comfort. That was a negative!!

Anyone would feel accomplished and beautiful in this skirt!  With a little practice, you can do it too!!!

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

DIY Cape ~ MimiGstyle


Sorry I've been delayed on postings.  The end of the year had overtaken me with all the Christmas and New Years events - BUT I've been sewing!

Today's blog is on the Mimi G - DIY Cape -  Let me first say EVERYONE needs to make and have one of these in there closet!  I found this YouTube DIY very easy to follow.  I thought I would have a challenge, but as I followed Mimi, I was making it at the same time (using the rewind button as needed).

I couldn't have made my Cape at a better type.  I had just created the M6686 with a Bell sleeve and I didn't want to force it into a coat and risk the wrinkles.

For the fabric, I used a wool blend that was gifted to me by a former co-worker.  When I first got back into sewing, my co-worker and her sister stayed up til 1:00 AM just to help me finish 1 skirt!!  When Sharon passed away, Pam called me up and offered me 1st dibs on what Sharon had.  Let me tell you, when I walked into that house on pick up day, I was overwhelmed at the amount of fabric that she had collected.  Boxes after boxes after boxes we went through until I got tired.  At the time, I wasn't as developed as I am now, but I promised to put it all to good use.  I kept my word.

The hardest part about making the Cape for me was the buttons. I never inserted buttons before.  On top of the STRIPES!  I made the Cape not paying attention to the stripes at all so the buttons were a little off, but no one else noticed.  I made the cape in a few hours.  That's how easy to follow it was.

The Cape is very stylish and is back in style.  So this is perfect timing.  Had I had enough time before Christmas, I would have made a few for family, but I'm trying to stay on my sewing schedule.  However I will be making more.

I forgot to take a pic with the Cape on. Sorry.  I'll post one on IG later.

Until next time.......

May you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!!!

Happy Sewing!

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