Quick Tip - Project Prep!

For ages the Girl Scout motto has been, "Be prepared!".  As I gotten older,  I've tried to apply this motto to my everyday life.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes..... I miss the mark.

Last year I was on a mission to create all of my garments for a Church Conference.  Since I decided at such short notice,  I had to come up with a way that would make things easier for me.  Especially since I had a feeling that my machine was going to end up on this trip as well. 

As an Event Planner I plan out upcoming  projects.  I figured the only way I would be able to pull off this project was to put on my seamstress planner hat and prep ahead. 

The first thing I did was decide what patterns I wanted to use.  I put them in a big clear Ziploc bag.  Then I was in a mission to find the right fabric for the dresses I wanted to make. Not so easy.  I purchased everything that I would need to go with each garment. Thread, zippers,  pins, etc... I put those things in the Ziploc bag with the pattern selected.

Whenever I found a few free minutes. I would  cut out the patterns then place then back in the envelope.  I did this for all 4. Then when I found more free time,  I grabbed the Ziploc,  removed the cut pattern and cut out the fabric.  Once cut,  and pins still attached,  I placed all the materials back in the Ziploc bags.  Everything was kept in one spot until I could schedule time to focus on creating the garment. 

I still do this when I buy patterns or fabrics.  It makes for easy prep and planning. Of course the universal tools that I use for every project (scissors, seam ripper, marker) don't stay in the Ziploc, but I keep them near by for easy access.

Today was just a quick tip to help get you to Project Plan.  

Leave me a comment and tell me what are some of your project prepping steps?

Happy Sewing!

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