Girl's Night Out with McCall's 7021 and 6173

No matter where we work, my girlfriend and make it a point to get together every few months.  Being as though I'm more of a home and church girl, I didn't really have "going out" clothes.  So I decided that I would try my hand at making something other than a dress or skirt, very easy, stylish and comfortable. These two McCall pattern's were the very thing I needed.

Since I don't consider myself to be a professional seamstress yet, I tend to stay away from pants altogether.  What drew me to the leggings was that it had an elastic waistband and only 2 pieces.   Both of the fabric choices for this project were knits that I purchased from New York City fabric stores.  I had been searching for the fabric choice for the top for a few years after seeing it posted on Facebook by another seamstress. I fell so much in love with it that I dreamed about it.  While on a fabric shopping spree, I decided to take my time in the fashion and go in and out of various fabric stores to first scout what caught my eye before purchasing it.  Then I stumbled into Fabrics World USA.  Just during a random search.  All of a sudden while not looking for this particular fabric, it stuck out to me like an angel with a glowing halo.  AHHHHHHHHHHH...........  The hard part was figuring out what was I going to make out of this.  I had enough fabric for a cute skirt.  Then with the left over, I made a Peplum top using McCall's pattern 7021.

When I picked up the bolt, there was only about 3 good yards of it.  A half a yard was a little spotted on the back of the fabric.  At first I was disappointed until one of the workers said let me check in the basement. "O.k, I'll wait!"  I was in no rush to get out of there once I found my fabric.  He did take a long time to come back up though.  Thank God, he did NOT come up empty handed.  He found a full bolt of the same fabric!!!  So I grabbed 2 more yards and they threw in the and batch for free!! Woo Hoo!!  I had no clue what I was going to make out of it, but I had it and that's all that mattered.

The leggings were just something I wanted to try because it looked quick and easy to make.  I actually brought that fabric on my trip to NYC as well.  Thank God for proximity and rolling luggage!  McCall's pattern 6173 seemed to do the trick.  

I've used this pattern before and with the fabric choice I used, It turned out a little bigger than I wanted.  This denim like knit that I used for this outfit came out just perfectly.

Pattern Sizing: Size Large for the leggings and 18 for the Peplum.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?  Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Surprisingly yes. I thought the Peplum would be difficult, but not.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved the fact that it was made out of a spandex and knit fabric without zippers!

Fabric Used: Stretch Knit (leggings) and Spandex(top)

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I added 2 inches to the bodice of the peplum as I have a long torso.  The leggings had to be cut shorter for my height. 

Would you sew it again? Definitely!!! I'm positive that I will be making at least 5 more of this pattern before years end, tweeking it up here and there. This is a quick Go-to pattern.

Would you recommend it to others? YES!!!

Put them both together and you get this...

Happy Sewing!!