Creator of the Month!

Hi Guys!!

This year I am adding to the blog a few new things.  One of which is the Creator's Showcase!!
I wanted to be able to share the love of my Sew Sisters and Creatives as well as the things that they are doing in their creative world.

Each post is done in the form of a virtual interview.  So if you're a creative and want to join in, send an email to and someone will get back to you!

So here's our very first Creative:

 Emerald Bowden of Emerald Sewcial Club

1.  Emerald tell us when did you first learn to sew and and why?
     My interest first started in middle school when I found a box of fabric scraps in my closet while           home alone. I took a brief sewing class in school, but never really pursued it.  then in 2010, I met       a friend at a party who sewed, and my interest grew from there.

2.  What is your favorite fabric to create with?
       It depends.  I guess I kind of like knit fabrics more, bamboo, ponte and scuba.

3.  How do you get inspired?
     How do you walk around God's beautiful earth and not be?  Inspiration is everywhere from                 nature to advertisement and social media.

4.  What are your top 3 sewing tools?
      Hmmm.....  My thread snips, glue for basting and a good pair of shears.

5.  What is the last thing you made?
      The last thing I completed was a Bomber jacket for my mom.

6.  What is your favorite creation thus far?  Why is it your favorite?
      My favorite so far is a jumper that I pattern hacked.  I love it because it's super easy to wear, and        I finally have one that fits! Ready to wear jumpers are always too long.  It's great to be able to           sew what you like and fits!!

7.  When is your favorite time of the day to sew?
      Any time I can!  I beginning early in the morning and sewing all day!  But more realistically, I'm        usually up late nights.

8.  Have you ever lost your "Sewjo"?  If so, what brings you back?
     Fortunately not.  There are times I have been unable to sew though.  I'm not at my best at those           times.  I get so cranky and irritable.

9.  Who are your top 5 Sewing Bloggers or Vloggers to follow?
      SoIsewedthis, Bluehousejoys, The Revelout, That Black Chic and the English Standard.

10.  Do you work a Full-time job?  How do you find time to sew?
       I do.  Sewing is of paramount importance to me, so I make time by sewing at every opportunity,          and sometimes staying up late, if that's what it takes.  I have come to realize it doesn't always              take several hours blocked off to sew. 10-15 minutes is enough time to sew a few seams, get a few        pieces cut to get prepared,  I always end my sewing time with the next step ready to be done.               This helps when I am short on time.

Wow!!  You gave us some great tips on how to get our sewing in with our everyday lives.  I have to add this to my routine.  I'm usually falling asleep at the machine then I just get up and go to bed.  Preparation for the next step is key!!.

Thanks for sharing a few of who you follow you follow.  I see I follow at least 3 of these creatives.  I have to run and add the others as well.

It was definitely a pleasure virtual chatting with you.  Tell us where can readers go to follow you?

On Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat: Emeraldjeana
on Facebook:  Emerald Sewing Club
on the Web: 

If you're not already following, head on over to Emerald's social media sites and make sure your follow.

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Happy Sewing