Easy DIY Circle Skirt - Pattern Review

I’ve been making circle skirts for a few years now.  I often get frustrated over the moment when
I have to put in a zipper.  With my busy schedule, I barely get in enough time to sew, and
usually when I do, I am extremely sleepy and exhausting.  Which means chances of my
garment coming out totally perfected is 50/50.

Recently, I was asked to make a circle skirt with a tulle covering for my daughter’s best
friend.  If you’ve been following me for a while, you know sewing for anyone other than
myself gives me anxiety.  I haven’t really sewn since August. Inserting a zipper??
Probably longer than that.

I remembered some years ago, I purchased a skirt similar to the one she was requesting.
I then went on a search to find a way to make this garment for her without having to insert
a zipper.  I found a video from What the Craft that came a long with a template to guide
me in making the skirt.  When I looked at it, it looked familiar. Someone had sent me this
guide a while back only when I used it, things didn’t come out so great.  Luckily I was
able to find there was a YT video!! (insert applause).

Let me first say, the error was definitely USER ERROR and not that of the creator.  When
printing the graph, there is a note that states when printed, the square placed on the page
should be 4 * 4.  Weeelllll…. When I first created this, I didn’t measure it. When I went back to
the copies I had, the square was bigger. Problem #1.  So when I cut it out, I measured it
according to my waist size. Problem # 2. This left the waistband to the skirt a little too big.
Thank goodness I was using a muslin.  It actually is wearable if I wearing a knit shirt over top like this.

Y’all know me, I’m wearing this skirt.

So I watched the video that was created to go along with the template.  Being as though I
am a visual learner, this worked perfectly for me. Well almost perfect.  Leave it to me to
have my own agenda and break the rules.

After watching the video three times - I was ready to use regular fabric.  This time, I
followed the video directions to a tee! That was the best decision I could have made.  

2 yards of fabric ( I used a lightweight denim here from Mood Fabrics)
Matching Thread
Taylor's Chalk
Sewing Machine

Step One:  Cut the template one size below my waist measurement.  

Step Two:  Fold your fabric by the width - then fold again.

Step Three:  Place the template on the side that has 2 folds on top of each other then trace.

Step Four: using your tape measure, measure down to the length you want then mark it all the
way around.  I used Tailor’s chalk for my markings.

This is what you will have when all your lines are traced.

Step Five: Then cut along the lines.  It should look like this when it’s all cut out.

Step Six: Measure out your waistband band (Waist minus 2 ½ to 3 inches)

Step Seven: Close it up... Put the 2 ends together and sew a 1/2 inch seam

PIN…. and attach the elastic waistband

Step Eight:   Let Skirt hang overnight.  I placed it on Penelope, but you can use a hanger.

Step Nine:  Hem the skirt at your desired length.

Step Ten: Try on skirt with a fly top

Here’s the final product.  I have to go back to the video.  I’m not sure if I was suppose to attach
the waistband on the front or back of the fabri.  I attached it from the back, but now I think it will
be better for me to do it on the front.  That way I can make sure everything is lined up. It was hard
to see with the black thread on the black elastic, but once I get back into sewing more, I’m sure
that will improve.

I’m very happy how it falls.  Before hemming it, I let it hang for more than 24 hours and then followed
the hemming instructions.

I will DEFINITELY create this skirt over and over again!! It was so easy to (once I followed the directions)

Now to do it all again and add tulle!

Let me know in the comments what you think!  Which way do you prefer to wear
your circle skirts?  With or without a zipper?

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Watch the tutorial of how to make this Circle Skirt and grab the template from What the Craft Here.

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