Bon voyage!!!!!!

Hey guys!!

Many of you have wondered where I've been. Welllll....... in one word. Resting.....

Lately we've been seeing all over the internet and social about how important self care is.  I took the NUMEROUS  notifications as a hint that maybe I should slow down and take care of me after so many years of taking care of others.  With that I claimed 2018 to be the year of me - The year of the Butterfly!!

Part of my Self-Care was to just rest and enjoy being in the moment.  My daughter and I took some time to do a quick escape on a 3 Day cruise.  It was my 3rd and her 1st.

At first the weather for our scheduled time was threatening, but it turned out to be a great time away witht he perfect weather.  I even managed to get a tan (which I still have in July) and see some palm trees.

I recommend to every one, to take some time away and get a breather, regroup, then come back and hit the ground running!

Here's some footage of the Mother-Daughter time away on our Carnival Cruise Trip

Leave me a comment down below and let me know what do you do to make a great escape and regroup?