I FAILED!!!!!!

Hey y'all hey!!!!

I know you took a look at the title of the post and said.....

Yes y'all. I set a challenge for myself to complete the 12 days of Christmas Crafting.  I bottomed out at DAY 9!!!  DAY 9!!!  I was almost there!!!! I was not prepared.

The year before last I saw other YouTuber's participating and had a desire to do it.  However with the world revolving as it have, it slipped way down under the covers of my mind into a black hole.  I recently saw another crafter post that she was participating and I got all excited.  I decided to jump in head first.  No real thought or planning to thing!!! WRONG MOVE!!

I wore myself out!!  It was a lot with everything that I already had planned going on with my life.  I literally had my house in a disarray with supplies for projects.  I out grew my craft room and migrated into the living room area.  I was out of control.    Forget looking like Santa's workshop.  Not even Santa could fit in here.

So I did what I could and called it a wrap. Next year, I will PLAN to do better!

If you want to see what I did complete - Check out this playlist below.

12 Days of Christmas Crafting

Leave me a comment here and on YouTube and let me know what you think!

Chao for now!!



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