Picking up where I left off

Hey y'all hey!!

While 2020 threw us for a whole entire loop - many of us responded different ways.

Some people had to deal with real financial stress, medical stresses, family stresses, death, and mental stress. I know for a fact that mentally it was one of the most draining situations for me.  Some days I had it together, others, I did not.

I entered 2020 with the mindset that I was hitting the ground and hitting GO alllll the way until December 31st.  However the pandemic backed me up, flipped me over, and turned me upside down.  It has nearly taken me the entire 9 months that we've been living this new way of life to refocus myself and commit to myself to carry out last years goals.  

Here are some of the goals that I had on my 2020 list:

1.  Travel

2.  Attend 3 Business related conferences

3.  Design my own Planner

4.  Develop a product line for my ETSY Shop

5.  Build up my YouTube channel with content

6. Develop my skills

7. Lose weight

8. Work on Personal  and Spiritual development.

9. Re-start the Blog!!!

I started 2020 on a good foot starting with a trip to Atlanta, to which I came home and was very sick.  Unsure if I indeed had THE VIRUS, it was a scary ordeal for me.

I did find an exercise program that I truly love and have been sticking with. That's Step Fitness - Extreme Hip Hop Step Fitness with Phil.  It's full of choreographed stepping to Hip hop tunes that guarantees motivation, encouragement, and good sweat!! It helped me lose 13 of the COVID- 19 pounds that I gained.

My Etsy shop - ZariahsCreationsCo - started in November 2019 as a hobby shop.  It's been moving as a hobby for a little over a year.  However in 2021, I plan to elevate and transition from Hobby to Business.

Spiritually, I have studied and talked to God (more than ever probably) due to the pandemic.  Anxiety arose in my life that I've never experienced.  I had to learn to deal with that and find my happy again through all that.

Personally, I have added podcasts to my library to feed my ears positivity.

My YouTube channel has grown to over 4000 followers.  To which I am thankful for.  I'm excited for what's coming next.

I didn't work so much on developing my skills, because as an essential worker, my then anxiety didn't allow my thought process to handle that.  So this year, still 2020, I have researched the who, what, when, where, to get the training that I need to develop my skills.  I'm excited!!!

I welcome 2021 for so many different reasons.  Mainly hope!  Hope for the future however it may leave us to live with the mind to adapt and KEEP RUNNING!!  

Let me know in the comments how do you plan to attack 2021 and achieve the goals you left behind in 2020.  I would love to hear them and cheer you on!!!

As for my relationship with you all, it's my hope that through my actions that I encourage and inspire you to be the creative you can be.


Chao for now!!!



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