About Me

Hello!  Welcome to my blog , Zariah Sews.

My name is Shawn Jones Harris and I am a single proud mother of 2 wonderful adult children,  a Son-in-law and grandmother of 1.

By day, I am a Healthcare worker and by night I am a Writer, Play Director, Event Planner, and Blogger and a Social Media-lite. Yes, I'm doing a lot.

I started this blog to journal my journey from a beginner sewer/seamstress to an advanced seamstress. I plan to show my ups and downs of learning how to sew all the while showing you that you can do it too and do it successfully.  I also will share a few of my other favorite things and a peak into Zariah's World. 

Who is Zariah? 
While pregnant with my first child 20+ years ago, I was looking through a Baby book of names.  I was very into naming a child a name that was positive and would display an attribute of what I wanted my daughter to become.  In 1990, the name was derived from the name Sarah, which is my Mother's name.  Sarah means Princess, which is the name my mother called me.  I'm a little to old to be called Princess (in my opinion), but I passed on the name to my daughter.  Initially she was going to be named Zariah, but as my belly grew (and my hormones) the name changed.  However, I still called her my Princess. So I felt like there were now 3 generations of Princessa's.  That led me to hold on to the name Zariah for my next child which happened to be a boy.  The name always stuck with me.  So I then in turned started calling my endeavors by the name (my other baby) Zariah.

I am the oldest of 4 children.
Each of us are different, yet similar to another.  My middle 2 siblings were both service men and women and my Youngest sister and I are both Social Medialites.  My sister is huge in the YouTube world!! (But she won't let me tag her! lol...)  We live in 2 different states, but hours away from each other in those states.  

I first experienced a sewing machine in middle school where we probably made a pillow.  Growing up, I was a tom-boy and not interested in what I thought of as "Domestic activities" at all. For a short time I lived with my grandmother who had a sewing machine, but I had no idea that she had a machine in the house or that she could sew.  She also had a blanket that was crochet and all the while I thought it was a gift, here my Grams was crafty!! I also spent time with an Aunt who tried her hand at sewing but the bug still never bit me.  I never thought I was a creative and crafty person when it came to making things, but as I went through a divorce, I needed something that would help keep me sane, focused , and from losing my mind.  I've given much of my life to helping others, serving in my church home, running my children to and fro their various activities, that I wanted something that I did JUST FOR ME! Then there was sewing......  I pretty much learned on my own with a little help 2 women at my church that are professional seamstress.  I started with a machine and a book and the rest was history.

A 4 year history that is.  My beginning stages were a little bumpy.  I almost quit as I was already mentally drained and depressed from the divorce. However, determined to have a sense of creativity, achieve and accomplish something, I actually prayed (YES, I PRAYED ON SEWING) and asked God to bless my hands to be able to do something that made me feel good and happy.  This is where my love for sewing increased.  SoI encourge you - if there's something that you love, but are struggling with, don't give up on it.  Pray about it, then wait for the change.

When I'm not sewing, I can be found writing, hanging out with friends, studying something new, surfing the net or in church serving on the Drama Ministry or serving wherever I am needed.  I am a Philly born and raised church girl who loooovvveeesss traveling to New York City!!

Here is a pic from a trip of me conquering my fear of both flying and water.  There's NOTHING you can't achieve if you  really want to!!!

It is my hope that you stick around, like, subscribe, learn and share the blog.

Love & Blessings!!!

a.k.a.  Zariah